Wakan Tipi Center – Phalen Lower Creek Project

ChangeMaker: Maggie Lorenz, preserving cultural heritage through land conservation Christine T. Nguyen St. PaulNovember 12, 2020 11:00 a.m.

Throughout November, MPR News is featuring Indigenous Minnesotans making history to celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

Maggie Lorenz, 37, spent a significant part of her childhood exploring the green spaces in east St. Paul with family members. Now as the head of Lower Phalen Creek Project (LPCP) and the director of the Wakan Tipi Center, Lorenz is reconnecting with those parks and natural places she described as “magical.”

LPCP is a Native-led nonprofit that advocates for natural spaces on the east side of St. Paul, spanning from Lake Phalen to the Mississippi River and throughout the East Side River District. The organization works to educate and engage people to protect and honor landscapes that have deep cultural and historical significance to Dakota people.


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